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Flowers, Baskets, Planters

Our Garden Center Staff have been visiting Grower Open Houses, Industry Shows and keeping  up with New Plant Releases – all to stock our shelves with the best possible choices for your flower beds and planters.

Below is a listing of plants we usually stock, according to seasonal appropriateness of course!  Availability will vary according to sales and purchases.

If you are searching for a particular plant that is not is stock – please send us an email or when you are in the store, have one of our staff complete an ORDER REQUEST and we will attempt to source the item and provide you with a quote to supply.


New Annuals

A list of Bedding Plants and Planter Fillers is below.



Baskets are what put us on the map! We have customers who remember coming with their parents to shop for the biggest, most colorful basket available. Taking orders now and until May1 for your special combinations.



Let your imagination go wild. We experiment with size, color, texture and edibles (Vegetables). Purchase Readymade or have us plant your own design. Visit our Potting Station for inspiration.



Tired of growing from seed or scared our season is too short for certain crops? Whatever the reason, get your veggie seedlings here. We have a large selection of Herbs as well. See the lists below.



Bring the beautiful color of the tropics to your home. We do our best to bring in the newest and most exotic plants available in Ontario. Believe me, some of these plants are OUT THERE!!!



We carry a good selection of individual succulents . A variety of Air Plants are also available.

Alyssum Wonderland Deep Purple
Alyssum Wonderland White Best Seller
Asters Pot & Patio Mix
Begonia Fibrous Bada Bing Rose
Begonia Fibrous Bada Bing Green Leaf Scarlet
Begonia Fibrous Bada Bing Green Leaf  White
Begonia Fibrous Bada Bing Green Leaf Mix
Celosia Dragons Breath
Celosia Fresh Look Orange
Coleus Kong Lime Sprite
Coleus Kong Mosaic
Coleus Wizard Scarlet
Cosmos Sonata Pink Blush Best Seller
Cosmos Cosmic Orange
Dianthus Diabunda Purple Picotee
Dianthus Parfait Raspberry
Dianthus Ideal Select Red
Dusty Miller Silver Dust Best Seller
Impatiens -Imara Orange New 2019-Disease resistant- Sun or Shade
Impatiens -Imara Orange star New 2019-Disease resistant- Sun or Shade
Impatiens -Imara Rose New 2019-Disease resistant- Sun or Shade
Impatiens -Imara Red New 2019-Disease resistant- Sun or Shade
Impatiens -Imara Voilet New 2019-Disease resistant- Sun or Shade
Impatiens -Imara White New 2019-Disease resistant- Sun or Shade
Impatiens- Dazzler Salmon Shade
Lavatera Twins Hot Pink
Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue
Lobelia Regatta Sky Blue
Lobelia Regatta White
Marigold Bonanza Flame
Marigold French Fireball
Marigold Little Hero Yellow Best Seller
Marigold Inca II Orange
Marigold Inca II Yellow
Marigold Safari Orange Best Seller
Marigold Safari Scarlet
Marigold Safari Yellow Best Seller
Marigold Safari Yellow Fire
Marigold Cracker Jack Mix
Millet Purple Majesty
Morning Glory Heavenly Blue
Nasturtium Whirly Bird Mix
Osteospermum Akila Daisy White
Orn. Cabbage Pigeon Red Fall Crop
Orn. Kale Nagoya Red Spring & Fall Crops
Orn. Kale Nagoya White Spring & Fall Crops
Ornamental Kale Osaka Red Fall Crop
Orn. Kale Peacock White Fall Crop
Orn. Kale RedBor Fall Crop
Orn. Kale TALL Lucir White New 2019
Orn. Pepper Medusa Fall Crop
Orn. Pepper Purple Flash New 2019
Pansy- Matrix Mix Best Seller
Pansy- Matrix Mix Amber Mix
Pansy- Matrix Blue Blotch
Pansy- Matrix Morpheus Best Seller
Pansy- Matrix Mix Rasp Sundae
Pansy- Matrix Orange
Pansy- Matrix Spring Blotch Mix
Pansy- Matrix Ocean Breeze mix
Pansy- Matrix Spring Yellow Blotch Best Seller
Petunia Daddy Blue Best Seller
Petunia Daddy Sugar
Petunia Dreams Appleblossom
Petunia Dreams Midnight (Blue)
Petunia Dreams Burgundy Picotee
Petunia Dreams Burgundy Imp
Petunia Dreams Pink
Petunia Dreams Red
Petunia Dreams Rose Picotee
Petunia Dreams Blue Sky
Petunia Dreams White Best Seller
Petunia Dbl Pirouette Purple
Petunia Dbl Pirouette Red
Petunia Picobella Blue
Petunia Picobella Red
Petunia Picobella White
Portulaca Happy Hour Mix Loves the Heat
Portulaca Happy Hour Deep Red Loves the Heat
Ricinus Zanzibariensis-Castor bean
Rudbeckia Autumn Colours Fall Crop
Rudbeckia Denver Daisy Fall Crop
Salvia Hummingbird Forest Fire New 2019 – Hummingbird Attractor
Salvia Salsa Scarlet Best Seller
Salvia farn. Evolution Violet
Strawflower- Finest Mix New 2019
Sweet Pea lathyrus
Verbena Obsession Blue/eye
Verbena Obsession Red/eye
Verbeena Obsession White
Zinnia Zahara Dbl Fire
Zinnia Zahara Raspberry
Zinna Uproar Rose Best Seller
Zinnia Swizzle Scarlet & Yellow-Short
Zinnia Zinderella Purple (Double) New 2019
Basil Genovese Best Seller
Bay Laurel Limited Supply
Borage Grow with Cucumbers to Increase Yeilds
Cat Grass Limited Supply
Cat Nip Limited Supply
Chives -Reg
Chives -Garlic
Citronella Mosquito Repellent
Dill -Dukat
Lavender- Hidcote Best Seller
Lavender- Munstead Best Seller
Lavender- Other Varieties Limited Supply
Lemon Balm Limited Supply
Lemon Grass Limited Supply
Lovage Limited Supply
Mint- Chocolate
Mint- Ginger
Mint- Peppermint
Mint- Spearmint
Oregano- Regular
Oregano- Greek
Parsley- Italian
Parsley- C. Moss Curled
Rue Limited Supply – Cat Repellent
Sage- Garden Limited Supply
Thyme- Lemon
Thyme- Golden Lemon
Herb Planters (Mixed)
Acalypha Chenile Firetail
 Angelonia Archangel Raspberry
Argyranthemum Butterfly Yellow Welcome Back- Best Seller
Asperagus Fern Sprengerii
Begonia Encanto White
Begonia Mistral Red
Begonia Solenia Light Pink Sun Begonia
Begonia Solenia Orange Sun Begonia
Begonia Solenia Red Improved Sun Begonia
Begonia Solenia Yellow Sun Begonia
Begonia Top Hat – Pink Sun Begonia – New 2019
Begonia Tub. Illumination Golden Picotee
Begonia Tub. Illumination Orange Best Seller
Begonia Tub. Illumination Scarlet
Begonia Tub. Mocca deep Orange
Begonia Tub. Mocca Scarlet
Begonia Tub. Mocca Yellow
Begonia Tub. Non Deep Rose
Begonia Tub. Non rose Petticoat
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Appleblossom
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Orange
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Pink
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Red Best Seller
Begonia Tub. Non Stop White
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Yellow Best Seller
Begonia I’conia First Kiss Welcome Back
Begonia I’conia Uprt Fire Welcome Back
Calibrachoa Aloha Canary Yellow Best Seller
Calibrachoa Cabaret Hot Pink
Calibrachoa Cabrio Amethyst New 2019
Calibrachoa Hula Soft pink New 2019
Calibrachoa Million Bells Terra Cotta New 2019
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double Lemon
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Double Pink
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Standard Orange Best Seller
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Standard Vampire Best Seller
Calibrachoa MiniFamous Neo Royal Blue New 2019
Calibrachoa superbells White (PW)
Calibrachoa MF UNO double Pinktastic New 2019
Calibrachoa Volcano Neon New 2019
Calibrachoa Volcano Gold Best Seller
Canna Cannova Yellow Hummingbird attractor- New 2019
Canna Red Leaf Red Flower Hummingbird attractor- Best Seller
Canna Green Leaf Red flower Hummingbird attractor
Coleus Burgundy Wedding Train Trailing
Coleus ColorBlaze Sedona Sunset New 2019
Coleus Henna
Coleus Stained glassworks -Luminesce
Coleus Redhead
Coleus Wasabi
Cordyline-red star
Cuphea Vermillionaire Butterfly/Hummingbird attractor & Loves the Heat
Dahlia Hypnotica Pink Improved
Dahlia Hypnotica Red
Dahlia Hypnotica Yellow
Dahlia Starsister Red & White
Dahlia XXL Baja Sol New 2019
Dicondra Silver Falls
Euphorbia Diamond Frost (PW) Loves the Heat
Fuchsia Dark Eyes Best Seller
Fuchsia White Swingtime
Gaura Belleza Dark Pink
Ger. Regal Elegance Bravo Double
Ger. Regal Elegance Royalty White
Ger. Regal Elegance Lilac Majesty New 2019
Ger. Regal Elegance Claret-Red New 2019
Geranium Brocade Fire Night
Geranium Calliope Large Dark Red Best Seller
Geranium Calliope Medium Crimson Flame New 2019
Geranium Calliope Medium Violet New 2019
Geranium Citronella Mosquito Repellent
Geranium Ivy Dandy Deep Red Mex New 2019
Geranium Ivy Dandy Violet Mex New 2019
Geranium Ivy Mini Cascade Red
Geranium Ivy Ville de Dresden
Geranium Elanos Berry Splash New 2019
Geranium Elanos Deep Red New 2019
Geranium Elanos Deep Pink New 2019
Geranium Elanos Shocking Orange New 2019
Geranium Elanos White splash New 2019
Geranium Pretty Little -Pink Splash Must Have  New 2019
Geranium Savannah White
Geranium Survivor Pink Mega Splash New 2019
Geranium Survivor Indigo Sky
Grass Graceful King Tutt Tall (6’+)
Grass Graceful Prince Tutt Dwarf (2′) New 2019
Heliotrope Scentropia Dk Blue Scented
Impatiens Sunpatiens Compact Royal Magenta Sun Impatiens
Impatiens Sunpatiens Red Vig Sun Impatiens
Impatiens Sunpatiens Trop Orange Vig Sun Impatiens
Impatiens Sunpatiens White Vig Sun Impatiens -Variegated Foliage
Ipomea Ace of Spades
Ipomea Solar Tower Black Climbing-New 2019
Ipomea Solar Tower lime Climbing-New 2019
Ipomea Margurerite Lime Best Seller
Ivy English Eva -Variegated Variegated Foliage
Ivy English Hedera Helix
Ivy German
Ivy Vinca(major) Variegata Variegated Foliage
Ivy Vinca Minor Wojo’s Jem Variegated Foliage
Lantana Lucky Sunrise Rose Butterfly/Hummingbird attractor
Lobelia Deep Blue Star Best Seller
Lobelia Hot Waterblue New 2019
Lobelia Starship Deep Rose Hummingbird attractor
Lobelia Vulcan Red Hummingbird attractor – New 2019
Lobulara Snow Princess (PW)
Lobularia Yo Lo Top White
Lophos (Lophospermum) Wine Red Hummingbird attractor
Lysimachia Creeping Goldilocks Best Seller
Lysimachia Green
Osteospermum Other blue ‘eyed beauty’ Best Seller
Osteospermum Serenity Dark Purple
Osteospermum Serenity Pink
Pennisetum setaecum Rubrum Best Seller
Pennisetum purpureum ‘First Knight’ Must See- Almost Black Foliage
Petunia Blanket Blue Star
Petunia Blanket purple Best Seller
Petunia Blanket Rose Star
Petunia Blanket Violet
Petunia Blanket white
Petunia Blanket Yellow
Petunia Bordeaux (PW)
Petunia Evening Scentsation Blue Scented  New 2019
Petunia Headliner Night Sky Best Seller
Petunia Headliner Starry Sky Burgundy New 2019
Petunia Amore Queen Hearts Best Seller
Petunia Amore Joy New 2019
Petunia Royal Velvet (PW)
Petunia Shock Wave Coral Crush Butterfly/Hummingbird attractor
Petunia Supertunia Latte (PW)
Petunia Sweetunia Black Satin Black Petunia
Petunia Sweetunia Purple Touch
Petunia Vista Bubblegum – Supertunia (PW)
Petunia Wave Easy Blue
Petunia Wave Easy Red Velour
Petunia Wave Easy White
Petunia Wave Misty Lilac
Petunia Wave Pink
Petunia Wave Purple imp Best Seller
Petunia Wave Easy Yellow
Plectranthus Variegata- Swedish ivy Variegated Foliage
Purslane -Rio Scarlet Loves the Heat
Purslane -Rio Orange Loves the Heat
Strawberry Berr. Galore Pink
Strawberry Berr. Galore White-Sub 2019
Scaevola Scalora Fancy
Thunbergia Lemon Hummingbird attractor
Thunbergia Tangerine Slice A-Peel(PW) Hummingbird attractor
Torena Summer Wave large Blue Shade
Verbena Estrella Red New 2019
Verbena Endruascape Pink Bi-Colour
Verbena Lanai Deep Pink
Verbena Lanai White
Verbena Superbena Dark Blue (PW)
Verbena Superbena Red (PW) New 2019
Verbena Wicked cool Blue Scented  New 2019
Confetti Garden Cupcakes Party- Portulaca Mix Loves the Heat
Confetti Garden Great Falls-Coleus trailing New 2019
Confetti Garden Hawaiian Fruit Bowl -Cali Mix Best Seller
Confetti Garden Hawaiian Hula Lilli -Cali Mix
Confetti Garden Hawaiian Nani Pixi Stix- Cali New 2019
Confetti Garden Hawaiian Summer -Cali Mix Best Seller
Confetti Gardens Main Street Fiori Square -Coleus MIx New 2019
Confetti Garden Shocking Blue-Mix
Trixi Berry Darling -Cali Mix New 2019
Trixi Cherry Kiss -Mix
Trixi Double Date -Double Cali Mix New 2019
Trixi Flirtini -Double Cali Mix
Trixi Geisha Girl -Mix
Trixi Night fall -Mix
Trixi Purple with a Purpose -Cali Mix New 2019
Trixi Strawberry Shortcake -Mix New 2019
Trixi Swing time -Ivy Geranium white & Red New 2019
Trixi Walk on a Cloud – Mix
Brussel Sprouts
Cabbage- Early
Cabbage- Late
Cabbage- Red
Cabbage- Savoy Limited Supply
Corn- Speedy Sweet Bi-colour (Peaches & Cream)
Cucumber- Cross Country (Pickling) Best Seller
Cucumber- English Burpless
Cucumber- Lemon Cucumber Burpless
Cucumber- Mkt. More 76 Slicing
Cucumber- Straight 8 Slicing
Cucumber- Patio Snacker New 2019- Dwarf plant with 8″ Cuccumbers
Cucumber- Cucamelon Look like tiny watermellons
Eggplant Different varieties- Limited Supply
Kale- Winterbor
Kohlroabi Different varieties- Limited Supply
Lettuce- Green Leaf -Bergams Green
Lettuce- Head
Lettuce- Mesclun Mix Mild 12″ bowls
Lettuce- Mesclun Mix Spicy 12″ bowls
Lettuce- Raddicchio
Lettuce- Red Leaf -New Red Fire
Lettuce- Romaine-Green towers
Musk Melon- Cantaloupe(Halona)
Okra Limited Supply
Onions- Bunching
Onions- Kelsey Giant
Onions- Leeks
Onions- Vidalia
Onions- Spanish- Red, White, Yellow
Pak Choi Limited Supply
Pepper Sweet- California Wonder Green Best Seller
Pepper Sweet- Red Bell
Pepper Sweet- Super Shepherd
Pepper Sweet- Golden California Wonder
Pepper Hot- Habanero Orange (200000sc)
Pepper Hot- Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax (2000sc)
Pepper Hot- Jalapeno M (6000sc) Best Seller
Pepper Hot- Long Red Cayene (4000sc)
Pepper Hot- Scotch Bonnet Limited Supply
6 Pack Peppers 2 plants of 3 different varieties/ pack
Pumpkin- Dill’s Atlantic Giant Giant Pumpkins
Pumpkin-  Jack o Lantern
Squash- Butternut Early Hybrid
Squash- Spaghetti Best Seller
Squash- Zucchini-Spineless Perfection-Green Best Seller – Bush type
Squash- Zucchini-Gold Rush-AAS- Yellow New 2019
Squash- Zucchini- Eight Ball Staff Favourite
Swiss Chard- Bright Lights-Mix
Sweet Potato- Beauregard Grow your own Sweet Potatoes
Tomato- Beefmaster Best Seller (Large Tomatoes)
Tomato- Better Boy
Tomato- Black Krim New 2019 – Heirloom
Tomato- Brandywine Heirloom
Tomato- Chocolate Cherry Heirloom
Tomato- Ground Cherries Tropical taste
Tomato- Napa Grape Grape Tomato- Staff Favourite
Tomato- Lemon Boy Low Acid
Tomato- Lunch Box
Tomato- Roma Plum
Tomato- Sub Arctic Short Plant- Early Harvest
Tomato- Sun Sugar Low Acid- Super Sweet
Tomato- Sweet 100 Best Seller (Small Tomatoes)
Tomato- Sweet Million
Tomato- Tiny Tim Dwarf Plant
Tomato- Topsy Turvy Grown upside down- Limited supply
Tomato- Tumbler Hanging Basket
Tomato- Ultra Girl Best Seller (Medium Tomatoes)
6 pack Tomatoes 2 plants of 3 different varieties/ pack
Watermelon- Sugar Baby Small Watermelons
Peppers California Wonder (Green) , Super Shepherd (Red), Yellow Bell
Peppers Jalapeno, Habanero, Hungarian Hot Wax
Tomato Beefmaster, Sweet Million, Sub Arctic
Tomato Beefmaster, Ultra Girl, Cupid
Tomato Sweet 100, Better Boy, Chocolate Cherry
Wall Bags Fibrous Begonias, Impatiens, Impatiens Lobelia Mixes, Mixed Combos,  Petunias, Portulaca