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May 22 2020 **  Due to the demands of peak season we are presently UNABLE to process phone or email orders. 

Note:   Many stock items are selling out fast. We will be happy to suggest alternatives to the plants on your wish list if we are sold out of an item.

Messages are checked 3 times a day. It may take several days before we can return your call/ email – we  regret this, but we just do not have the manpower to keep up with the increased volume of phone calls and emails this year!  We have reduced numbers of staff available in the store, as a result of the COVID 19 situation. We are doing our best to serve you without totally exhausting the staff !  We thank you for your patience as you wait.

As the coming couple of weeks we expect to continue to be quite busy – We are trying to make the wait at the garden centre as comfortable as possible.  The staff monitoring the entry have umbrellas you may borrow for shade, there are some chairs to rest, and if you need a drink of bottled water let them know.   The washrooms are closed due to COVID 19 stop the spread management.


The perennial department is expecting a new shipment of plants Thursday May 14

In Stock as of May 2  4pm  Perennial  Common Name /Size Retail price
yes Assorted 4 inch pot Perennials 4.99
yes Achillea Sassy Summer Taffy YARROW SasSumTaf 1GM  $             12.99
yes Actaea Hillside Black Beauty SNAKEROOT HilBla 1GM  $             24.99
yes Agastache Blue Fortune HYSSOP BluFor 1GM  $             14.99
yes Alcea Halo Cerise HOLLYHOCK HalCer 1GA  $             12.99
yes Alchemilla mollis LADYSMantle 1GM  $             12.99
yes Andropogon Black Hawk GRASS BlkHwk 1GA  $             16.99
yes Aquilegia Songbird Blue Jay COLUMB BLUE JAY  $             11.99
yes Aralia Sun King SPIKENARD SunKing2GM  $             37.99
yes Artemisia Silver Mound SILVER Mound 1GAZ  $             13.99
yes Aruncus dioicus GOATSBEARD Dio 2GM  $             22.99
yes Asclepia Cinderalla BUTTFLY Cin 2GAZ  $             19.99
yes Asclepia Ice Ballet BUTTFLY IceBal 2GA  $             19.99
yes Astilbe ‘Delft Lace’ ASTILBE DelLac 1GM  $             15.99
yes Astilbe Happy Spirit ASTILBE HapSpir 1GM  $             14.99
yes Astilbe Maggie Daley ASTILBE MagDal 1GM  $             14.99
yes Astilbe Visions in Red ASTILBE VisRed 2GM  $             23.99
yes Astilbe Visions in White ASTILBE VisWhi 2GM  $             22.99
yes Athyrium filix-femina ‘Lady in Red’ FERN LadRed 1GM  $             16.99
yes Athyrium Godzilla FERN Godzilla 1GM  $             16.99
yes Baptisia australis INDIGO Australis 1GM  $             14.99
yes Baptisia Decadence Lemon INDIGO DecaLem 2GM  $             28.99
yes Bergenia Cordifolia ELEPH EAR Cord 2GM  $             17.99
yes Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerester’ GRASS KarFoe 1GM  $             16.99
yes Calamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerester’ GRASS KarFoe 2GM  $             25.99
yes Campanula Freya BELLFLOWR FREYA 1GAZ  $             10.99
yes Chelone Tiny Tortuga TURTLE HEAD TiTo1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Chrusanthemum Mammoth Lavendar Daisy MUM MammLavD 1GAZ  $             11.99
yes Chrysanthemum Mammoth Coral MUM MammCoral 1GAZ  $             11.99
yes Clematis PanAm Collection CLEM Asstd 2GM  $             35.99
yes DAYLILY Fragrant Reflections DAYLILY FragRefl 1GM  $             15.99
yes DAYLILY ORANGE SMOOTHIE DAYLILY OrgSmo 1GM  $             15.99
yes DAYLILY PASSIONATE RETURNS DAYLILY PasRet 1GM  $             14.99
yes Delphinium elaum Delphina Dark Blue White Bee DELPH DWBluPurWhB 1G  $             14.99
yes Delphinium Magic Fountain Cherry Blossom DELPH MF CheBlo 1GAZ  $             14.99
yes Delphinium Pacific Giants King Arthur DELPH PG KinArt 1GAZ  $             14.99
yes Dicentra Alba BLEED Hrt White 2GAZ  $             19.99
yes Dicentra spectabilis BLEED Hrt 2GAZ  $             19.99
yes Dicentra spectabilis ‘Valentine’ BLEED Hrt Val 1GM  $             16.99
yes Digitalis Sugar Plum FOXGLOVE SugPlum 1GA  $             12.99
yes Echinacea purpurea CONEFLWR Pur 1GM  $             21.99
yes Geranium ‘Rozanne’ GERANIUM Rozanne 1GM  $             18.99
yes HELIOPSIS SUNSTRUCK FALSESun SunStrk 1GM  $             17.99
yes Helleborus ‘Blushing Bridesmaid’ HELLEBORUS Bride 1GM  $             22.00
yes Hemerocallis ‘Always Afternoon’ DAYLILY AlwAft 1GM  $             14.99
yes Hemerocallis Early Bird Oriole DAYLILY EarBirOr 1GM  $             19.99
yes Hemerocallis Elegant Candy DAYLILY ElegCandy1GM  $             14.99
yes Hemerocallis Gentle Shepherd 1GM DAYLILY GentShep 1GM  $             14.99
yes Hemerocallis Happy Returns DAYLILY HapRet 1GM  $             11.99
yes Hemerocallis Hyperion DAYLILY Hyp 1GM  $             12.99
yes Hemerocallis Night Beacon DAYLILY NigBea 2G  $             19.99
yes Hemerocallis Pandoras Box DAYLILY PanBox 1GM  $             12.99
yes Hemerocallis Purple D’Oro DAYLILY PurDor 1GM  $             13.99
yes Hemerocallis Stella De Oro DAYLILY SteDor 1GM  $             14.99
yes Hemerocallis Unchartered Waters DAYLILY UncharWat1GM  $             14.99
yes Heuchera ‘Midnight Rose’ CorBell MidnRose1GM  $             19.99
yes HEUCHERA PRETTY PISTACHIO CORBELL PrePist 1GM  $             16.99
yes Heuchera Pumpkin Spice CorBell PumSpi 1GM  $             19.99
yes Heuchera Purple Palace CorBell PurPal 1GAZ  $               9.99
yes Heucherella ‘Pumpkin Spice’ FOAMYBEL PumSpi 1GM  $             19.99
yes Hosta August Moon HOSTA AugMoo 2GM  $             23.99
yes Hosta August Moon HOSTA AugMoo 1GM  $             14.99
yes Hosta Blue Mouse Ears HOSTA BluMouEar 1Qrt  $             11.99
yes Hosta ‘Bridal Falls’ HOSTA BriFal 2GM  $             29.99
yes Hosta Brim Cup 2GM HOSTA BrimCup 2GM  $             19.99
yes Hosta Brother Stefan HOSTA BroStefan 1GM  $             22.99
yes Hosta Francee HOSTA Francee 1GM  $             16.99
yes HOSTA HANS HOSTA HANS 1GM  $             19.99
yes Hosta Happy Dayz HOSTA HapDayz 2GM  $             24.99
yes Hosta June HOSTA June 1GM  $             18.99
yes Hosta June Spirit HOSTA JunSpir 1GM  $             21.99
yes Hosta ‘June Spirit’ HOSTA JunSpi 1GM  $             21.99
yes Hosta Lakeside Paisley HOSTA LakPai 1GM  $             29.99
yes HOSTA MINISKIRT HOSTA MINISKIRT 1QT  $             11.99
yes Hosta Misc 2G HOSTA Misc 2G  $             19.99
yes Hosta Orange Marmalade HOSTA OraMar 1GM  $             24.99
yes Hosta ‘Prairie Sky’ HOSTA PrairieSky 1GM  $             17.99
yes Hosta ‘Remember Me’ HOSTA RemMe 1GM  $             20.99
yes Hosta ‘Royal Wedding’ HOSTA RoyWeddin 2GM  $             29.99
yes Hosta ‘Sum & Substance’ HOSTA SumSub 1GM  $             17.99
yes Hosta ‘Sum & Substance’ HOSTA SumSub 2GM  $             24.99
yes Hosta Touch of Class HOSTA TouCla 1GM  $             26.99
yes Hosta Twilight HOSTA Twilight 2GM  $             24.99
yes Hosta Vulcan HOSTA Vulcan 1GM  $             21.99
yes Hosta Wide Brim HOSTA Wide Brim 2GM  $             24.99
yes Iris Miscellaneous Colours IRIS ger MixCol 2GAZ  $             19.99
yes Iris sib Butter & Sugar 1GM IRIS sib ButSug 1GM  $             14.99
yes Iris siberian Purple IRIS sib Purple 1GM  $             12.99
yes Iris Siberica Miss Apple IRIS sib MisApp 1GA  $             11.99
yes Lamium Purple Dragon Lamium PurpDrag 1Qrt  $               6.99
yes Lamium White Nancy LAMIUM WhiNancy 1Qrt  $               6.99
yes Lavandula Phenomenal LAVENDER Phenom1GM  $             14.99
yes Leucanthemum Becky DAISY Becky 1GAZ  $             11.99
yes Ligularia The Rocket RAYFlwr TheRoc 1GM  $             18.55
yes Lilium tig Splendens LILY tig Splen 1GAZ  $             14.99
yes Lily Looks Harvest Combo Planter LILY Looks Harv Plan  $             24.99
yes Lily Looks Spring Combo Planter LILY LooksSprg Plant  $             24.99
yes LUNGWORT MISC LUNGWORT MISC 1G  $               9.99
yes Lupine Tutti Frutti LUPIN TutFrut 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Lupinus Gallery Blue LUPINS GalBlu 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Lupinus Gallery Red LUPINS GalRed 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Lupinus Gallery Yellow LUPINS GalYel 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Lychnis coronaria rosea ROSE CAMPION 1GAZ  $             11.99
yes Lysimachia nummularia Aurea CREEP Jenny 1GM  $             12.99
yes Malva zebrina MALVA Zebrina 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Matteuccia struthiopteris FERN Ostrich 1GM  $             16.99
yes Miscanthus sinensis ‘Gracillimus’ GRASS MisGra 2GM  $             24.99
yes Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’ GRASS MisStrict 1GM  $             17.99
yes Miscanthus sinensis ‘Strictus’ GRASS MisStrict 2GM  $             24.99
yes Miscanthus x ‘Giganteus’ GRASS MisGig 2GM  $             24.99
yes Molinia Variegata GRASS MolVar 1GM  $             16.99
yes Monarda Jacob Cline BEEBALM JacCli 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes Nepeta Purrsian Blue CATMINT PurBlu 1GM  $             14.99
yes Pachysandra Terminalis JAP SPURGE 6PK m  $             10.99
yes Paeonia lactiflora ‘Bowl of Beauty’ PEONY BowBea 2GM  $             31.99
yes Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt PEONY SarBer 1GM  $             21.99
yes Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt PEONY SarBer 2GM  $             31.99
yes Papaver Turkenlouis POPPY Turkenloui1GAZ  $             14.99
yes Penstemon Black Beard BEARDTONG BlkBrd 2G  $             23.99
yes Paeonia Jarcoma PEONY Jarcoma 1GM  $             24.99
yes Perennial Perennial 6.99  $               6.99
yes Perennial 4.99 PERENNIAL 4.99 M  $               4.99
yes Perennial 7.99 Perennial 8.99  $               8.99
yes Perovskia atriplicifolia ‘Denim ‘n Lace’ RUSS SAGE DENLAC 1GM  $             19.99
yes Phlox Glamour Girl PHLOX GlamGirl 2G  $             21.99
yes Phlox Minnie Pearl PHLOX MinPearl 2GM  $             19.99
yes Polygonatum variegatum SOLOMON Seal Var 1GM  $             15.99
yes Rudbeckia Goldstrum BLACK EySu Gol 1GAZ  $             12.99
yes SEDUM ANGELINAS TEACUP SEDUM AngTeaCup QT  $               7.99
yes Sedum Blue Spruce SEDUM BluSpr 1Qrt  $               6.99
yes Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’ SEDUM Dazzleberry1GM  $             16.99
yes Sedum Dragon’s Blood 1Qrt SEDUM DraBlo 1Qrt  $               6.99
yes Sedum Neon SEDUM Neon 1GM  $             14.99
yes Sempervivum Strawberry Kiwi HENSCHICKS StrKiw QT  $               8.99
yes Trillium erectum red Trillium Red Q  $               9.99
yes Trollius Golden Queen GLOBEFLWR GolQue1GAZ  $             11.99
yes Veronica First Love SPEEDWELL FirLov1GM  $             14.99
yes Vinca minor ‘Bowles’ PERIWINKLE Bowles Q  $               6.99