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Flowers, Baskets, Planters

Our Garden Center Staff have been visiting Grower Open Houses, Industry Shows and keeping  up with New Plant Releases – all to stock our shelves with the best possible choices for your flower beds and planters.

Below is a listing of plants we usually stock, according to seasonal appropriateness of course!  Availability will vary according to sales and purchases.

If you are searching for a particular plant that is not is stock – please send us an email or when you are in the store, have one of our staff complete an ORDER REQUEST and we will attempt to source the item and provide you with a quote to supply.


New Annuals

A list of Bedding Plants and Planter Fillers is below.



Baskets are what put us on the map! We have customers who remember coming with their parents to shop for the biggest, most colorful basket available. Taking orders now and until May1 for your special combinations.



Let your imagination go wild. We experiment with size, color, texture and edibles (Vegetables). Purchase Readymade or have us plant your own design. Visit our Potting Station for inspiration.



Tired of growing from seed or scared our season is too short for certain crops? Whatever the reason, get your veggie seedlings here. We have a large selection of Herbs as well. See the lists below.



Bring the beautiful color of the tropics to your home. We do our best to bring in the newest and most exotic plants available in Ontario. Believe me, some of these plants are OUT THERE!!!



We carry a good selection of individual succulents as well as premade combinations and unique table pieces. A variety of Air Plants are also available.

Allysum Wonderland Deep Purple
Allysum Wonderland White
Asters Pot & Patio Mix
Begonia Big Red w/ Bronze Leaf
Begonia Big Rose w/ Bronze Leaf
Celosia Arrabona Red
Celosia Spiky Pink
Coleus Chocolate Splash
Coleus Wizard Jade
Coleus Wizard Scarlet
ColeusWizard Velvet Red
Cosmos Sonata Pink Blush
Dahlia Figaro Mix
Dianthus  Parfait Raspberry
Dianthus Ideal Rose
Dusty Miller Silver Dust
Helianthus Ring of Fire Dwarf Sunflower
Impatiens Bounce Impatiens – A new disease resistant variety
Impatiens Accent Lavender Blue
Impatiens Accent Orange
Impatiens Accent Pink
Impatiens Accent Premium Violet
Lavatera Twins Hot Pink
Marigold Bonanza Flame
Marigold Cracker Jack Mix
Marigold Inca Orange
Marigold Lemon Gem
Marigold Little Hero Yellow
Marigold Safari Yellow Fire
Nasturtium Whirly Bird Mix
Petunia Ultra Blue
Petunia Ultra Pink
Petunia Ultra Plum
Petunia Ultra White
Portulaca Sundial Mix
Salvia Salsa Scarlet
Snap dragon Rocket Mix


Herbs Basil: Genovese, Red / Purple, Spicy Globe, Thai
Herbs Borage
Herbs Catnip
Herbs Chives:  Garlic, Regular
Herbs Cilantro /Coriander
Herbs Cumin
Herbs Dill
Herbs Lavendar
Herbs Lemon Balm
Herbs Lemon Grass
Herbs Lovage
Herbs Marojam
Herbs Mint:  Chocolate, Ginger, Peppermint, Pineapple, Spearmint
Herbs Oregano:  Greek, Italian
Herbs Rosemary
Herbs Sage: Garden, Purple, Tricolour
Herbs Stevia
Herbs Savoury : Summer, Winter
Herbs Tarragon
Herbs Thyme:  Lemon, Regular
Herbs   Verbena: Lemon


Acalypha Chenile Firetail
Argyranthemum Butterfly
Bacopa Giant Snowflake
Begonia Breezy Yellow (is pendulous) New for 2015
Begonia Illumination Peaches & Cream
Begonia Illumination Orange
Begonia Illumination Scarlet
Begonia Tub. Mocca Orange
Begonia Tub. Mocca Scarlet
Begonia Tub. Mocca Yellow
Begonia Tub. Non Deep Rose
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Bright Red
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Orange
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Pink
Begonia Tub. Non Stop White
Begonia Tub. Non Stop Yellow
Bidens Sunbeam
Calibrachoa minifamous Double Lemon New for 2015
Calibrachoa minifamous Double Magenta New for 2015
Calibrachoa minifamous Double Pink
Calibrachoa minifamous Orange
Calibrachoa superbells Trailing White
Calibrachoa Volcano Gold New for 2015
Calibracoa Callie Bright Red
Calibracoa Callie Dark Blue
Calibracoa Callie Deep Yellow
Calibracoa Super Bells Pomegranate Punch New for 2015
Claibracoa Cabaret Hot Pink
Coleus Color Blaze Sedona
Coleus Colorblaze Dark Star
Coleus Henna
Coleus Redhead
Coleus Trailing Plum New for 2015
Coleus Wasabi
Dahlia Hypnotica Tequila Sunrise New for 2015
Dahlia Starsister Red & White New for 2015
Dahlia Starsister Scarlet & Yellow New for 2015
Dahlia XXL Durango New for 2015
Dicondra Silver Falls
Euphorbia Diamond Frost  size
Fuchsia Dark Eyes
Fuchsia White Swingtime
Gaura Stratosphere Pk Picotee New for 2015
Ger. Regal Aristo Burgundy – single shoot
Geranium Calliope Dark Red
Geranium Pinnacle Dark Red
Geranium Pinnacle Orange
Geranium Pinto Premium Orange (slight white center) New for 2015
Grass Graceful King Tutt
Impatiens Bounce Cherry New for 2015
Impatiens Bounce Lilac New for 2015
Impatiens Bounce Pink Flame New for 2015
Ipomea Black Heart
Ipomea Marguerite (Lime)
Ivy German
Ivy Vinca
Lantana Landmark Sunrise Rose imp
Lantana Lucky Sunrise Rose
Lobelia Hot Blue
Lobelia Regatta Marine Blue
Lobelia Regatta Sky Blue
Lobelia Regatta White
Lobulara Snow Princess
Lobularia  Frosty Knight New for 2015
Lophos (Lophospermum) Wine Red
Lysimachia Creeping Goldilocks
Mandevilla Garden Crimson New for 2015
Mandevilla Pretty Pink New for 2015
Mandevilla White New for 2015
Morning Glory Cameo Elegance Ipomea) New for 2015
Ornamental Kale Nagoya White
Ornamental Kale Red Bore
Osteo Flower Power White
Osteo Other blue ‘eyed beauty’ New for 2015
Osteospermum  Serenity Pink
Osteospermum Symphony Lemon
Osteospermum Symphony Orange
Pansy Colossus Red
Pelargonaim Timeless Lavender ( Ivy) New for 2015
Pelargonaim Timeless Orange ( Ivy) New for 2015
Pennisetum setaecum Rubrum
Petunia Blanket purple
Petunia Blanket Violet
Petunia Blanket Yellow New for 2015
Petunia Bordeaux – super petunia
Petunia Cha Ching Cherry New for 2015
Petunia Dble Priscilla
Petunia dble Supertunia  Peppermint
Petunia Dble Wave Blue
Petunia Dble Wave Pink
Petunia Dble Wave White
Petunia Double Pirouette Red New for 2015
Petunia Easy Wave Blue
Petunia Easy Wave Burgundy Star
Petunia Easy Wave White
Petunia Patio Yellow – surfinia
Petunia Pretty Much Picasso
Petunia Raspberry Blast – super petunia
Petunia Royal Velvet
Petunia Saguna Picotee Punch New for 2015
Petunia Saguna Radiant Blue New for 2015
Petunia Sun Spun Lavender Star
Petunia Super Cascade Lilac
Petunia Suprt. Black Cherry New for 2015
Petunia Vista Bubble gum – supertunia
Petunia Vista Silver Berry – supertunia
Petunia Wave Misty Lilac
Petunia Wave Pink
Plectranthus Ciliatus  Varig
Purslane Rio Orange
Purslane Rio Scarlet
Scaevola White Sparkle New for 2015
Scaveola Fairy Blue Improved
Scaveola pink Wonder New for 2015
Strawberry Berr Galore Pk
Strawberry Berries Bskt Wht
Thunbergia Alata
Thunbergia Sunny Lemon Star
Verbena Aztec Red Velvet
Verbena Lanai Blue
Verbena Lanai Bright Pink
Verbena Lanai Deep Pink
Zinna Uproar Rose
Zinnia Profusion Orange
Zinnia Zahara Raspberry New for 2015


Confetti Garden Coconut Coast Pink Bacopa, Purple(Blue) Bacopa, White Bacopa – New for 2015
Confetti Garden Cupcakes Party Portulaca Mix- yellow, orange, pink, scarlet
Confetti Garden Fleur de Edna Yellow Bidens, Scarlet Stripe Calibracoa Mauve Verbena – New for 2015
Confetti Garden Glossy Strawberry Red with White Tip Petunia, White Lobularia ( Alyssum), Red Verbena – New for 2015
Confetti Garden Hawaiian Fruit Bowl Yellow Calibracoa with Red Eye,Orance Calibracoa, White Calibracoa – New for 2015
Confetti Garden Hawaiian Luau Yellow Calibracoa with Orange Eye, Purple Calibracoa, Red Calibracoa
Confetti Garden OH Canada White Bacopa, White Phlox, Red Petunia
Confetti Garden Pirate’s Beauty Soft Pink Calibracoa, Deep Maroon Veined Petunia, Bright Pink Verbena – New for 2015
Confetti Garden Pumpkin Spice Orange Calibracoa, Orange/Red Petunia, Peach Verbena
Confetti Garden Shocking Blue Royal Purple/Blue Calibracoa, Light Mauve Petunia, White Verbena
Confetti Garden Water Wheel Fuschia Petunia, Orange Calibracoa, Blue Lobelia – New for 2015
Confetti Garden Waterlily 44516 Light Pink Petunia, White Calibracoa, Blue Lobelia – New for 2015
Mixed Herb Gardens A mixture of at least 8 herbs
Trixi Out of the Blue Yellow Bidens , Deep Blue Lobelia, White Verbena
Trixi Walk on a Cloud White Petunia, White Verbena, Lobelia
Bok Choi
Brussels Sprouts
Cabbage Early, Late, Savoy, Red, Winter
Cucumber English, Market More, Pickling,  Straight 8
EggPlant Black Magic, Classic, Little Fingers, Sicilian
Honey Dew Melon
Kholrabi Green, Red
Lettuce Grand Rapids (Green Leaf), Head, Romaine, Red Leaf
Onions Dutch Sets ( little Green onions!) Kelsey Giant, Red Spanish, Spanish Sets, White Sweet Spanish, Vidalia
Pepper California Wonder (Green Bell), Habanero, Hungarian Yellow Hot Wax,  Jalapeno, Long Cayenne Red, Scotch Bonnet, Super Shepherd (Red) ,  Sweet Banana , Yellow Bell
Pumpkin Dill’s Atlantic Giant, Sugar Pie
Squash Butternut, Spagetti
Tomato Beefmaster, BetterBoy, Brandywine, Cupid  (Grape), Early Girl, Lunch Box, Patio, Roma, Sweet 100, Sweet Millions, Tiny Tim, Ultra Girl
Zucchini Golden, Green
Peppers California Wonder (Green) , Super Shepherd (Red), Yellow Bell
Peppers Jalapeno, Habanero, Hungarian Hot Wax
Tomato Beefmaster, Sweet Million, Sub Arctic
Tomato Beefmaster, Ultra Girl, Cupid
Tomato Sweet 100, Better Boy, Chocolate Cherry
Wall Bags Fibrous Begonias, Impatiens, Impatiens Lobelia Mixes, Mixed Combos,  Petunias, Portulaca